Dr. Sarah Mesle’s Talk

Am I looking to be a writer in the future? No. Did I find this talk useful? Yes.

Dr. Mesle is a faculty member in the English Department at UCLA. She is also the Senior Humanities Editor for the the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB). Lastly, she is a co-editor for a blog known as Avidly.org. She presented a lot of pointers for an aspiring writer. Even though, I am not an aspiring writer, I use internet sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.com and as a writer for the internet, my audience should matter and I should showcase my writing style techniques correctly. 

Some pointers:

  • Be interesting, be interested. (College is the best time to do this, since we have all the sources available to learn new things.)
  • Writing isn’t magic, its a craft. (No one is born a writer. Everyone can become a writer with practice.)
  • Know where a certain persona should be placed. (A distinct picture for each website to represent the website.)
  • Believe in your voice. (Never give up on your writing.)
  • Read your own reading. (When you are reading and realize the part where you get bored, and as a writer avoid doing that in your writing for your readers.)
  • Read the internet (Buzzfeed, New Yorker, etc.)
  • When you post a review, make sure to post it at midnight or the next morning. 

These ones resonated with me the most. 

Welcome to My Blog

I am a third year Cal Poly Pomona student majoring in psychology with a minor in physiology. I enrolled in this course to fulfill a prerequisite for my future physician assistant graduate studies. However, I feel I am going to learn a lot more about myself as a writer. With that, watch this space for further developments. Thank you.